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This week on Rhythm City

1 July 2019

Pearl moves in with Mzi and David pulls the trigger on Lerato to destroy their relationship. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Mzi is shaken after spending the night with Lerato, but she is playing a very clever and patient game with him.

Pearl tries to bribe her way out of prison.


David is happy that Pearl will be coming home, not knowing that Pearl herself is making plans.

Puleng has a problem with the divorce settlement drawn up by Suffocate. She takes her anger out on Sabelo, lamenting how women aren't allowed to express their anger without being branded shrill.


Mzi tries to end the affair with Lerato but they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Pearl comes back to Mzi just as he is getting it on with Lerato.  David is heartbroken by Pearl’s resistance towards him.

While Puleng and Suffocate say their final goodbyes she tries to reach out to Lwazi but he thinks she has too much baggage.


Mzi gets the fright of his life when Pearl returns unexpectedly and moves in with him.

Suffocate questions why she isn’t staying with David and she tells him she doesn’t regard David as her father anymore.

When Mzi goes to tell Lerato their affair is over, he’s in for a nasty surprise.


Pearl is having difficulty adjusting to being outside of jail, and her time with Mzi is running out because David pulls the trigger on Lerato destroy their relationship.

Sabelo is indignant about Fats’ prudent financial planning, but Fats gets inspiration from an unlikely source, and launches into a new business scheme.

It looks like Puleng is getting her groove back.

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